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Leadership Team Effectiveness

LeadersGene believe that to ensure organizational efficacy, a leadership team must be able to collaborate, communicate, and make decisions in a way that is aligned with the organization's goals and values.

Therefore, targeting at CEO and/or core leadership team, strategic business unit or core functional team, we offer team effectiveness assessment and use our Leadership Team EffectivenessTM LTEtool to analyse team dynamics, and conduct facilitative workshops to resolve the team issues and to foster team trust and momentum to drive team performance improvement.

Leadership Team EffectivenessTM can be measured by a variety of factors, they are Composition, Value, Purpose, Trust, Function, Impact, Evolvement. Our consultants work with the clients, aiming to help them to build a strong and effective leadership team. Moreover, we hope the organizations will improve their performance, achieve their goals, and create a culture of high performance that inspires and motivates their employees, through our efforts and professionalism.


LeadersGene Leadership Team Effectiveness Model