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The pro bono coaching initiated by Leader'sGene Consulting aims at helping young talents and managers in managerial skills improvement, leadership development and career development.

Enrollment opens on the 1st day of every month at 00:00:00. Each learner can only apply once every month. Coaching is to be completed within one month. Each coaching session takes one hour by concall or face-to-face. Detail appointment and venue is to be made by coach and learner through email. When needed, the leaner can apply in other months. Our coaches are based in different cities, you may choose one of them based on your need. First come first served. Coaches do not select learners.

Red seat under each coach means available, while grey, already taken. By clicking a red seat, applicant will be able to send message through pop-up dialogue box; when“application succeeded”shows up, you have been enrolled.

In order to make the coaching session effective, we would suggest CV or Bios as well as detail coaching needs are sent to relevant coach before the coaching.