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Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment is to identify the Leader‘s strengths and areas for development. LeadersGene provides comprehensive services to conduct the assessment, which includes Leadership Competency Modelling, Assessment/Development Centre, and On-line Assessment.


Leadership Competency Modelling and Application

Leadership competency modelling is the process of defining the key competencies or skills that are required for effective leadership within an organization. It involves identifying the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that are necessary for leaders to perform their roles successfully.

By conducting consulting projects or in-house workshop, LeadersGene helps organizations build up the leadership competency model. We also help our clients to apply the competency model into talent management processes.

LeadersGene consultant team is committed to leveraging a demanding level of leadership competency modelling approach and methodological techniques, while integrating the client’s own characteristics, and program expectations / requirements. We stand from the client’s perspective and co-create with the client, to deliver a professional, effective, and agile leadership competency modelling outcome.

We offer two modelling solutions, (1) one is the traditional approach and (2) the other is VERA8TM Agile Competency Modelling/Profiling.

●    The traditional approach typically involves several steps, including literature research, job analysis, behaviour-evidence interview, analytics, modelling and calibration, etc., that demands high level of customization, precision and comprehensiveness.

●    VERA8TM Agile Competency Modelling/Profiling (online) is designed by LeadersGene, it reflects the characteristics of agile, efficient, and professional competency modelling, and meanwhile can be appropriately adjusted by consultants to meet the customized requirements of our clients.


VERA8TM Leadership Competency Model


Assessment / Development Centre

LeadersGene Assessment Centre is designed to evaluate candidates for senior or executive-level positions, as well as to identify High-Potential employees within the organization. Using a range of exercises and simulations, we assess a wide range of competencies and skills. Our experienced consultants provide comprehensive feedback to the candidates, and provide clients (HR, Executives) the information they need to make informed decisions.

Using a range of exercises and activities, our Development Centre simulates real-life work situations and challenges, and assess a wide range of competencies and skills. Our feedback is focused on development. We help individuals identify their strengths and development needs, and we provide them with the tools and resources they need to develop their capabilities. Our activity design typically include role-playing, case studies, group discussions, and presentations, among others.


Online Assessment 

LeadersGene online assessment is designed to evaluate leadership competencies and  skills, and provide organizations with comprehensive feedback on their employees’ strengths and areas for development. Using a variety of products, we assess a wide range of leadership competencies and skills, such as leadership behavirial competencies, learning agility, decision styles, emotional intelligence, etc.

Our assessment can be conducted entirely online, making it convenient and accessible for busy professionals like our clients. Candidates can complete the assessment at their own pace, from anywhere in the world, and receive their feedback in a timely manner.

LeadersGene is very experienced in using diverse assessment tools to profoundly assess senior executives, or candidates for senior positions for talent selective / developmental purposes. Online methods and tools we apply include:

●    TALENTx7® Learning Agility

●    VERA8TM Leadership Competency Assessment

●    Digital5TM Digital Leadership Competency Assessment

●    Customized Leadership Assessment Centre (Online)

●    Leadership Team Effectiveness Assessment

●    Leadership competency 360 degree survey

●    Competency-based interview, BEI

●    Psychometrics tools such as Hogan, MBTI, and CPI etc.

Our experienced consultants provide candidates with detailed feedback on their performance, and work with Business leaders / HR / candidates to develop personalized development plans that will help target persons to improve their leadership skills and achieve their career goals.