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New Way of Talent Assessment and Development by Immersive Interaction

On the evening of 27 April at 8pm, LeadersGene Consulting invited Xlearning to participate in an online interview to have open discussion on new methods of talent assessment and development.



Mr. Russ Rao, Managing Partner of LeadersGene Consulting, and Mr. Rick Wang, the Founder of Xlearning, sparked new thoughts through in-depth interview, and shared how immersive interaction can meet new requirements for talent assessment and development in the era of Generation Z. In the new technology era, it is required that talent assessment and development possess more interaction, more fun, and more challenges. And the methods of immersive interaction is designed to use simulation tasks to replicate real-life situations, to achieve an immersive experience for the person being assessed, and to conduct talent competency assessment through in-person operation and post-mortem review and reflection, so as to conform to new demands of the times.


It is foreseeable that the method of immersive interaction will attract positive attention and attempts of HR professionals.


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