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The leadership book of 'Agility Gene' released

This January, LeadersGene Leadership Consulting’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, Mr. Jack Lim officially published his new leadership book 'Agility Gene', which has received great attention within the industry and from the market.


Combining both eastern and western organizational thinking, the book of Agility Gene provides a deep theoretical and empirical analysis of the new requirements and strategies for organization, leadership and talent in the digital era, calling for the optimization of organizational agility gene.


The book of Agility Gene consists of eight chapters:

·       The first and second chapters discuss the iteration of management thinking, team collaboration models, and organizational structures from an organizational perspective in the context of digital era.

·       The third, fourth, and fifth chapters elaborate on the transformation of working mode and talent competencies brought about by the digital era from a talent perspective, highlighting the importance of learning agility.

·       The sixth and seventh chapters focus on the role of leaders and, the leadership competencies required in the digital era.

·       Based on the in-depth analysis in the previous chapters, the eighth chapter gives a summary and points out that the core and theme of digital transformation is to optimize the organizational and talent agility gene.



This book combines theories with practices. Since its publication, it has received widespread praise from professionals and has been recommended by 29 corporate executives and management scholars. It is highly recognized as another masterpiece in the field of leadership development in China.



The book of Agility Gene is now available in the LeadersGene online bookstore, and you can purchase it by scanning the QR code with WeChat.